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Welcome to the EPLACE Project
EPLACE is comprised of 10 beneficiaries from Spain, Bulgaria, Ireland, and Germany who aim to provide building managers and occupants with personalised energy use data, practical solutions, and ways to find contacts and knowledge tailored to their needs. EPLACE started in February 2013 and it has a duration of 30 months.

Project benefits for public and private energy users
The project offers a lot of benefits for public and private users if they decide to register for an Interactive Energy Savings Account (iESA) at the EPLACE platform which is the main outcome of the project. The platform has an intuitive user-friendly interface and it is not necessary to have a technical background in the area of energy efficiency in order to use it. It is not even necessary to install a specific software application - the access is only by a standard browser installed on a stationary computer, laptop, smart phone or tablet.    
Users can input data at regular intervals from their meters which measure the consumption of electricity, heat energy, water, as well as fuel consumption of vehicles. Having created a data base, the user will receive information for his/her consumption in a very convenient tabular and graphic form. This way of presenting energy data allows for finding the increased energy consumption easily.   
Another benefit of the EPLACE platform can be found in the different tools inside the platform. They can show energy saving potential among domestic appliances, heating and cooling appliances, and provide a user with practical energy saving advice. It's easy to find an energy saving potential in your house, flat, office, or building if you use the EPLACE advisory tools! 
The EPLACE Platform is going to give to the different type of beneficiaries the best opportunity to manage their energy carrier's costs, the solutions for individual or complex implementation of specific and effective energy conservation measures and improvement of quality of life and building comfort.
The Project will assist you in installing a PV system onto your building's roof. We have developed an intuitive tool which will lead you 'step-by-step' through all planning stages and will calculate your potential energy output and payback period. Inside the platform, you can compare your energy consumption with other platform users, to share experience, ideas, and information with the EPLACE community through the 'WeTalk' forum or receive recommendations and advices from other platform users.
All these, and many other opportunities and benefits you can receive entirely for free if you create your energy saving account at www.enerplace.eu 

EPLACE project is co-funded under the ICT Policy Support Programme (ICT PSP) as part of the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme by the European Community.
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