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Contact details:  
Mrs. Stefka Popova – Deputy Mayor
E-mail: s.popova@septemvri.org  
37A Aleksandar Stamboliyski Bld., 4490 Septemvri, Bulgaria
Tel: +359 3561 7011
Fax: +359 3561 7779

As a local authority the Municipality of Septemvri develops and implements various policies - economic, social, environmental, etc. Energy efficiency and introduction of renewable energy sources and stimulation of rational use of energy is among the key priorities of the Municipality. So far the Municipality of Septemvri has implemented a lot of energy efficiency measures such as: energy efficient street lighting in some of the municipal settlements, renovation with energy efficiency measures of public buildings in the town of Septemvri, carrying out a preliminary survey for the pilot establishment of a biomass logistic centre. The municipality supported the setting up an Energy Agency in Pazardjik under the IEE programme in 2005. The energy saving potential in the municipality is relatively high, and it must be identified very precisely through detailed energy audits for each building and industrial system, especially when concerning the public and industrial sectors. Performing such detailed energy audits would enable proposing definite energy efficiency measures, and thus generating projects which eventually would lead to savings of energy and CO2. On the other hand, the potential of renewable energy sources (for example wood biomass and hydro) is high which makes the integrated approach very attractive, i.e. combining energy efficiency measures with introduction of local renewable energy sources.

More for Municipality Septemvri: www.septemvri.org

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