EPLACE Project

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Contact details:  
Mr. Georgi Simeonov – Project Manager
E-mail: simeonov@reap-bg.eu
12 Tzar Shishman St., 4400 Pazardjik, Bulgaria
Tel/Fax: +359 34 442 124

The Regional Energy Agency of Pazardjik (REAP) was set up to encourage the developments of sustainable energy through local and regional actions for energy efficiency (EE) and renewable energy sources (RES). REAP is an association of 11 municipalities and offers support to local authorities in achievement of their objectives and strategic planning for renewable energies, as well as development of a range of initiatives with other local, regional and foreign organizations.
Among main priorities of REAP are: EE and RES projects identification and development, energy efficiency in buildings, the development of sustainable energy communities, RUE and RES in SMEs, and energy/environmental education.

More for REAP: reap-bg.eu

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