EPLACE Project

Eco public PLAtform for smart green CityzEnís living labs
  Owner: Wellness Telecom

Wellness Telecom has developed a solution to achieve significant energy and economical savings on public lighting, also providing real time information about the performance of the system and the status of the public infrastructure. It is developed over an open architecture, adaptable to control and monitor any public lighting panel. Its IP communications-based architecture permits information to be centralized easily and transparently.
The system also does not need its own server or its own communication infrastructure: All the information is available through and Internet-based software service.
WeLight functionalities are divided into:
Telemanagement Platform: Using a simple, intuitive system, it is easy to know the status of the municipality's electrical panels, to receive alerts about any unusual behaviour and also to have the option to integrate this system with other efficiency systems inside buildings
  • Graphs and reports
  • Geolocation
  • Alert generation
Alerts: The events can be configured so thet the person responsible for the device can be informed in the most appropriate way (SMS, mobile application, email, etc.).
  • Communication problems
  • Consumption
  • Low power (faulty lamps)
  • Deviations from the predicted savings
Reports: All the information collected by the application can be extracted in the form of customisable reports, so that the level of service (savings, maintenance, etc.) can be known quickly and effectively.
  • Generate customised reports
  • By panel or overall
  • Simple energy audits
  • PDF or web format
Location Map: It allows the possibility of showing the location of streets where Welight is installed. Furthermore, it is possible to visualize their comsumption through graphics.

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