EPLACE Project

Eco public PLAtform for smart green CityzEnís living labs
Description of Work package 1
The objective of this WP is the achievement of the project objective, in time, within the foreseen budget, providing high quality outcomes. To this aim the work-package will implement the complete set of management actions: scope, communication, time, cost, risk and quality, tailoring them to the consortiumís organizational structure.
The coordinator WT will be the intermediary between the commission and the consortium. In that role, WT is responsible for administrative and financial management of the project, project controlling and reporting and all project coordination activities between work packages. The project management work package is connected to all other work packages by means of steering the project.

  • Deliver project on time and on budget and ensure an effective and efficient progress.
  • Deal with administrative and financial management of the project.
  • Coordinate content related, scientific and technological work on the project.
  • Continuous evaluation and monitoring of the technical/impact content of the project.
  • Secure consistent high quality of the work to be performed and of the reports produced.
  • Manage risks and issues effectively.
  • Overall legal, contractual, ethical, financial and administrative management of the project are done.
  • Task 1.1. Project  coordination and Technical coordination. Leader: WT, Participants: all
  • Task 1.2. Administrative  and financial coordination. Leader: WT, Participants: all
  • Task 1.3. Quality assurance and Risk management. Leader: WT, Participants: all

European Commission
ICT Policy Support Programme