EPLACE Project

Eco public PLAtform for smart green CityzEnís living labs
Description of Work package 2
The objective  of this WP is to integrate all technological pieces to obtain the EPLACE platform. The EPLACE platform will be combined with the results from WP3 which is its online content.
EPLACE´s  content will be adapted to each country and in general way to Europe. The final platform will take into account all the technological and non-technological requirements from the end users in each country. Also in this WP we will assess the on-going  energy performance on each pilot building before  the actual deployment of the project.

  • Analysis of the specific situations in partner countries
  • Identification of end users requirements
  • Description of technical and non-technical specifications
  • Identification energy building requirements
  • Selection of the best  technology solution for each pilot building
  • Determination of building audits
  • Database extensions
  • Task 2.1. End users and technical requirements. Leader: COD
  • Task 2.2. Adaptation and Integration. Leader: SEN
  • Task 2.3. Energy Review and Baseline Assessment. Leader: ES

European Commission
ICT Policy Support Programme