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Description of Work package 3
The goal of this WP is focusing  on the preparation of online advisory  system. This WP will also promote and carry out actions which will contribute the implementation of the EPBD - Energy  Performance Building Directive (Directive 2002/91/EC). A practical  Guide to EE and RES services and Guide to financial schemes which will be used from stakeholders and project actors on regional  level will be also prepared. Collection of different best  practises examples on regional  level will be carried  out. The existing EU and international best  practices regarding the integration of EE and RES in the buildings will support preparation of the Guides. Local public authorities will be directly involved in order to promote the development of funding and energy efficiency and RES measures.

  • Provide  information for the creation of the online advisory  system.
  • Collection of the state of the art and up to date  data  base on the best  available technologies, manufacturers, project sponsors, local providers concerning Energy efficiency and RES project implementation and its combination.
  • Collection of the best  practices concerning existing ESCO  project implementation including HVAC system, lightning, biomass and solar,  heat  pumps, stand-by power,  energy monitoring system, etc.
  • Preparation of Guide to both energy and renewable energy sources services that are offered by ESCOs in the region,  saving  potential,  GHG emission reduction, appropriate technologies, and practical  cases.
  • Preparation of Guide to available financial and economical supporting and subsidizing schemes in the region, type of the projects financed, parties involved, public private partnership, barriers, debt and equity, projects financial indicators, sensitive and risk analysis.
  • Preparation of General European guidelines as energy efficiency models to carry out energy efficiency actions.
  • Dialogue  with regional  public authorities, energy agencies/associations, consultants, local manufactures, EPC contractors, and ESCOS.
  • Task 3.1. Recommendations, tips and advisers. Leader: AMA
  • Task 3.2. Guide to EE and RES services. Leader: ERA
  • Task 3.3. Guide to financial schemes. Leader: REAP

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