EPLACE Project

Eco public PLAtform for smart green CityzEn’s living labs
Description of Work package 4
This workpackage is defined  to implement  the E EPLACE platform already completed and tested in WP2 in real scenarios (public buildings) distributed  through  different countries in Europe.
The pilot phase can be divided in two subphases:
  • First one testing  directly the prototype in office public buildings ,
  • Second one consisting of replication  and testing  of the EPLACE platform in other type of public buildings (cultural center, medical  center,library…).
Also during the pilots we will acquire results and experiences that will be included  in the manual and guides (WP3) and finally the online content will be updated according to it.
Furthermore, personalized energy saving  projects (EE & RES) will be designed by ESCOs based on the data acquired by the monitoring activities and from consultation with building management. A range of possible solutions both technical and financial will be established and the viability of ESCO  participation in these solutions will be explored. These actions will promote collaborations between public buildings and ESCOs for carrying out EPC after the EPLACE project.

  • Demonstration of energy efficiency improvements through  EPLACE system
  • Implement energy saving  projects designed by ESCOs
  • Task 4.1. Installation  and technical training. Leader: WT
  • Task 4.2. Office buildings pilot. Leader: CFR
  • Task 4.3. Other buildings pilots. Leader: COD
  • Task 4.4. Online platform master management, maintenance & data  insertion. Leader: SEN

European Commission
ICT Policy Support Programme