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Description of Work package 5
The final evaluation and validation will collate and analyse energy usage data  collected over the course of the pilots and report on key indicators such  as energy efficiency gains, cost effectiveness, user  acceptance and replication  potential. Performance against EnPIs  defined  in WP2, and reported on by the EPLACE solution over the course of the pilot will be validated and reviewed. This will include parallel assessments to relevant standards such  as ISO50001 and IPMVP and methodologies for measuring energy gains  via ICT.
The effectiveness of ICT systems in general, and EPLACE in particular,  in accurately measuring energy use and efficiency gains, promoting  efficiency gains  and ultimately delivering robust, verifiable and validated energy efficiency improvements will be evaluated and reported on.
It is envisaged that the evaluation report will assess and demonstrate the viability of innovative  business models and ESCOs in delivering energy services and efficiency gains  and the central  role of ICT in establishing usage, identifying saving  opportunities, monitoring performance against EnPIs  and ultimately measuring and reporting on energy efficiency gains.
A final report comparing saving  results and reduction of energy consumptions in all the pilot buildings will be created to demonstrate the interoperability of EPLACE solution in public buildings and accelerate acceptance and deployment of ICT solutions for energy efficiency.

  • Provide  evidence of viability and effectiveness of ICT investment in energy efficiency.
  • Provide  information and data  to showcase ICT based solutions and facilitate their wider uptake and replication.
  • Evaluate user  acceptance and recovery on investment in ICT for energy efficiency.
  • Review and validate  systematic energy efficiency gains  in accordance with relevant standards.
  • Contribute  to a common methodology for measuring efficiency gains  via ICT.
  • Task 5.1. Results evaluation. Leader: ES
  • Task 5.2. Energy audits. Leader: REAP

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