EPLACE Project

Eco public PLAtform for smart green CityzEnís living labs
Description of Work package 6
Dissemination of the project’s principal activities is aiming at the designated target  groups (Public Authorities, energy managers, ESCOs, energy savers in general) achieving the high dissemination profile of project’s principal results throughout its various  stages. A proactive strategy will be followed in order to facilitate a transfer of the results and experiences towards target  groups.
The work under  this WP will provide comprehensive and up-to-date information at every stage of the project so that the target  groups are able to access complete information about  progress. In addition to progress information,  the dissemination materials will be designed according to the needs of the target  groups at each level, so local information will encourage  participation in the local forums and activities,  national  information concentrates more on national transferability and European level information will be designed to combine transferability to other regions within Europe with the overall best  practice and policy advice  that can be gained through  trans-national co-operation and analysis in the area of energy performance contracting.
The work of the project will be disseminated at local, national  and European levels. Individual dissemination plan have been drafted  in section B2.3.1.
Dissemination media  used will include a website (linked to main EC related initiatives) which will be maintained for 3 years after the project,  a project brochure, regular updates via project newsletters and the website, and publication  of final Guides to energy services and financial schemes. These overall methods will be supplemented at the local / regional level by targeted press materials that will complement local communication campaigns, at the national level by national seminars and at the European level by presentations at ICT PSP conferences and events.
Some energy related events that have been identified in advance for dissemination purposes: European Future Energy Forum, European Smart metering forum, Energy Europe Awards, Euro-mediterranean energy efficiency forum, GENERA: Energy  fair, Foro de la Sostenibilidad Fingerplus, Egética-expoenergética,  American Council for EE Economy meetings…
EPLACE has  a strong  link with the EU initiative “The Covenant of Mayors” as the partner AMA is a coordinator of more than 500 municipalities in the south  of Spain. AMA will use  this network for further dissemination and replication  of the EPLACE project. Other European networks that will have  to be considered for adhesion are: Eurocities and the European Network of Living Labs.
Some portals,  webs  and magazines: Build UP (Energy  solutions for better  buildings), Europe´s Energy  Portal, European Energy  Review …

  • Dissemination at local, national  and European level.
  • Creation of a website for the project (linked to EPLACE platform).
  • Dissemination through  online and printed materials.
  • Attendance at conferences and workshops related to the project topic. 
  • Task 6.1. Dissemination and Communication Plan. Leader: REAP, Participants: all
  • Task 6.2. Dissemination activities. Leader: COD, Participants: all
  • Task 6.3. Exploitation plan, market  analysis and IPR. Leader: WT, Participants: all

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