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Owner: Wellness Telecom

Wellness Telecom has developed a solution to become a Single Control Point for both individual buildings and organizations with multiple offices. Its IP communications-based architecture permits information to be centralized easily and transparently.
WeSave is an energy control and management platform for all types of buildings. WeSave makes it easy to monitor savings policies and the impact of users on changes in consumption.
Its open architecture makes it compatible with existing systems and aids the integration of future applications. As it uses the communications network that is already installed, it is not necessary to make any additional investment.
WeSave can also be used to control all the different buildings belonging to one organization from one single point. This makes it easy for large companies and civil service departments to adopt general strategies and to carry out real remote monitoring.
WeSave functionalities are divided in:
It obtains information on the consumption of the different circuits in the buildings in order to process it later. The WeSave monitoring equipment makes it possible to differentiate between the consumption for lighting, climate control, IT,etc. so as to obtain much more detailed, useful information.
WeSave monitors the different consumption levels, noting anomalies and suggesting corrective actions. In this way, if a fault occurs, reaction time can be improved and efficiency and savings therefore increased.
WeSave can communicate with the different control solutions for climate control, lighting and computer equipment. Based on the information obtained and its analysis, it can therefore define the most appropriate active usage policy and the one that will bring the greatest savings.
The bequipment in a building is only on part of its savings ability. The use made of it by the users is a key factor and their awareness is therefore essential. WeSave is also a consiousness-raising platform, from which is possible to send the users of a building personalised information on the nergy efficiency achieved, by e-mail, mobile phone, etc
Location Map
WeSave allows the possibility of showing the location of buildings where WeSave is installed. Furthermore, it is possible to visualize and compare their comsumption through graphics.

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