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Eco public PLAtform for smart green CityzEnís living labs
                              OPEN COMMUNICATION PLATFORM
                                                    Owner: Wellness Telecom

Wetalk is a unique collaborative platform where the other media are united and communication is managed and analysed. It is based on an open tool that makes possible not only communication but also citizen-centred participation, bringing the people closer by involving them in day-to-day publc politics and creating a culture of continuing participation.
Wetalk is a multi-channel communication platform that allows organisations/people to communicate in both directions, using all channeld that the new information technologies have put at their disposal.

WeTalk main functionalities:
  • Social Networks: Bi-directional integration into twitter and Facebook and the possibility of publishing initiatives on any social network, which will attract more people because of its viral-like nature.
  • Mobile applications: Available for the major smartphones (iphone, android and Blackberry), it reaches people wherever they are so that they can participate from anywhere at any time
  • Analysis of opinion: By using a karma system and processing the opinions received, it identifies the key citizens in the community and involves them in change management. Get to know the impact of your initiatives and people's opinions about them.
  • Events: Possibility of creating events as virtual meetings, e-Questions and public initiatives

Maturity of the solution:
Wetalk has been implanted as "Opina Extremadura" in Extremadura Government. Moreover, Wetalk has been adapted to different states (Cuevana or Baja California) and political parties (as PRI and PAN in Mexico). Furthermore, it has been adapted to some municipalities in Spanish autonomous communities (Andalucia and Castilla la Mancha) and also in universities.

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