EPLACE Project

Eco public PLAtform for smart green CityzEnís living labs
SEnerCon has developed novel online advisory tools on specialized issues, e.g. heating circulator pumps. Where appropriate, the advisory tools will be integrated into the EPLACE platform. The following advisory services are valuable for the EPLACE project:
  • PumpsCheck
  • HeatProtection
  • SolarCheck
  • CoolingCheck
Some of these tools already exist in the languages relevant for the EPLACE project (English, Spanish & Bulgarian), whereas others would need to be translated and adapted to country specifications.
The Pumps Check
The PumpsCheck calculates whether or not the circulator pump of the installed heating system is running under optimal parameters or whether or not it would be feasible and economically viable to exchange the existing pump with a more efficient pump. The energy to be saved is presented as well as the payback time for the investment to be made.
The advisory tool provides a data basis of circulator pumps and upon entering building characteristics the user can chose the pump in place from a drop down menu.
The Heat Protection
The HeatProtection advisory services calculates for a limited number of appliances the profitability of an existing air conditioning appliance and compares its economic viability against an A++ appliance. In addition, it is estimated whether or not an air-conditioning appliance is necessary at all or whether other measures could lead to similar effects, e.g. shades. 
The Interactive Solar Check
With the interactive online advisor "SolarCheck"  users calculate whether a roof is suitable for the use of solar PV or solar thermal system. On top of the expected electricity yield, we calculate if and from when on a solar power system pays off. With the help of comprehensive graphics and an integrated roof search function by Google-Maps, the data required for the design is determined.
With the SolarRoofPVCheck the user can make a clear decision for or against a solar power system within minutes:
  • He/she would like to invest; he/she can solicit up to 5 offers of competent solar installers conveniently, without commitments and for free with the integrated Offer Service.
  • The roof is suitable but the user would not like to invest; solar roof markets help to lease the roof to investors.
  • The roof is unfit but the user would still like to participate in solar power systems; he/she can select from a variety of community solar power projects.
The Interactive CoolingCheck for Refrigerators and Freezers
With the interactive online energy saving advisor "CoolingCheck" the electricity costs and CO2 emissions of cooling appliances are assessed. A background data basis with data on about 21,000 appliances dating back to 1990 enables an estimation of the electricity consumption of cooling appliances. In addition it is possible to compare the current elecetricity consumption of the current existing model with the energy consumption of a new, e.g. A+++, appliance.
The CoolingCheck enables the user to decide whether a new appliance is economically viable over the old one, given the circumstance that the new appliance corresponds to the volume, dimensions and features of the old appliance. A list of up to three appliances with the most favourable energy consumption is provided to the user. 
Maturity of the solution
The system was developed by own resources as well as resources from the German Government. The first version of the iESA went live and online in 2006. The adaptation to other languages was partly funded by the European Union. Especially the German version is currently used by about 40000 private consumers, as well as consumers in the countries participating in the European Citizens Climate Cup. The iESA is constantly further developed, e.g. to include meter readings with the help of smart phones. All in all it is an established and functioning web-based software.

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