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Interactive Energy Savings Account (iESA) 
Owner: SEnerCon GmbH

SEnerCon has developed the interactive Energy Savings Account as an online tool to monitor the energy consumption, both electricity and heating, of single homes, apartments, and small businesses. In addition, the iESA involves an evaluation of the parameters to give feedback to the user whether or not the energy consumption is within a given range, or below or above average. In a first evaluation of the iESA it could be shown that the iESA successfully supports residents in their efforts to realize energy savings.  
The iESA can be combined with the other online advisory tools developed by the SEnerCon GmbH to bring into life a valuable online energy advisory tool for lay customers, as well as energy experts. A user interface assesses the user data, this can also be accomplished using smart meters, and the information is provided in graphical ways.
It is already possible to monitor different meters/apartments/houses with the iESA, although the comfort and the comparison option of these features are yet underdeveloped.
From the previous funded EU Intelligent Energy Project European Citizens Climate  Cup, a basic version of the iESA already exists in the following languages: Greek, Maltese, Bulgarian, Latvian, Irish/English, Danish, Spanish, and Italian.
iESA is therefore an energy management online open-access software platform with a focus on residential buildings and small businesses. It makes it more comfortable for house owners to monitor the energy consumption, to document changes, e.g. upon renovating, and to see changes in energy consumption - which may be induced by behavioral changes as well.
We are potentially able to integrate different communication standards, like MSCONS, to make the iESA compatible with other existing systems and to integrate future applications, e.g. like smart phone applications. In addition it is potentially possible to control for certain aspects within the building out of a more sophisticated iESA version. The feedback instruments included in the iESA can be used not only  for the facility manager of buildings, but also to involve the users of the buildings in energy saving activities, especially employees working in buildings.
iESA functionalities are:
  • Monitoring: Data from meter readings is entered either manually or from smart meter readings, or eventually through the use of a smart phone application. In addition, building parameters are entered as well. The iESA differentiates between electricity consumption in general and heating energy consumption. More functionalities could be integrated.
  • Analysis: iESA visualizes the different consumption levels and gives a feedback whether or not, in reference to other buildings with similar user groups, is within a certain range or shall be considered too high. Corrective actions are suggested and include behavioral aspects as well as renovation measures.
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