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Municipal administrative building (City Hall) 
Located in town of Septmevri, bul. “Aleksandar Stamboliyski" 37А. The building was built in 1978, and it is owned by the municipality. Type of building: one very large building, reinforced concrete structure, four floors. 
  • Total built and heated area: 3 687 m2
  • Total volume heated: 12 905 m3
  • Total energy consumption per annum: 253 296 kWh
They use only electricity.  

Specific data:
Number of buildings [number]: 1
Completed [year]: 1978
Total Floor area  [m2]: 3 687
Total number of users [number]: 105 workers and  38 000 users/year 
Electricity demand [kWh/m2/y]: 68,7 
Medical Centre of The Town 
Located in town of Septmevri, bul. "Bulgaria" 80. Brick building, reinforced concrete structure, the building consists of two parts – old one, which was constructed in 1958 and a new one which was constructed in 1992, but they are practically merged, two floors. 
They use gas propane-butane, and electricity for heating purposes.  

Specific data:
Number of buildings [number]: 2
Completed [year]: 1958 and 1992
Total Floor area [m2]: 1 736
Total volume heated [m3]: 5 017 
Total number of users [number]: 114 workers and 60 000 users/year
Electricity demand [kWh/m2/y]: 217,6 

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