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City Council Cartaya
The building is a four-storey building: basement, two floors and an attic.
The ground floor houses are the Department of Citizen Services and Economic Department. The Municipal Police is situated inside with independent access from the street. The second floor houses are located the political bodies: Hall, Secretariat, Council Chamber, Committee on Government, Legal Services and Public Relations room. In the basement is located the area of Planning, Construction and Services. And in the Attic the IT Department.

Specific data:
Number of buildings [number]: 1
Completed: 2006
Total Floor area [m2]: 1 666,50 m2
Total number of users [number]:  Capacity 45 workers and 5 000 users/year
Electricity demand [kWh/m2/y] There are 3 counters: 9,13; 5,5 and 195 kWh/m2/y

Cultural Center of The Town
The Cultural Centre is defined as municipal facility to provide services and cultural activities and meeting place. Is a polyvalent centre which include:
1. Library.
2. Archive.
3. Theatre
4. Exhibition and conference room.
5. Municipal Academy.
6. Classroom Testing.
7. Cultural Workshops.
8. Information Offices, registration, management and administrative claim.
9. Offices and rooms for staff providing services
10. Hall and Conferences room.
11. Workshops, meeting room.
12. Multipurpose rooms and common.
The total usable area is 3 036,33 m2. The total floor area is 3 392,75 m2.

Specific data:
Number of buildings: 1
Completed: 2004
Total Floor area  [m2]: 3 392.75  m2
Total number of users [number]: capacity 80 people and 6.000 people/year approx.
Electricity demand [kWh/m2/y]: 
•    Contracted Power: 220 kW
•    Punta (kWh): 33 659,32
•    Llano + Valle(kWh): 132.858
•    Active (kWh): 166.518

Designed to give computer courses and everything related to new technologies, such as creating websites, blogs and more. Also to organize meetings with other youth centres in other cities. Also have a few hours of free access to online consultations, implementation of academic papers, etc.
Electronic Equipment: 26 Computers (10-15 Portable Desktop), projector, TV, 2 switches 1 router, 2 printers (laser and Multifunction).
Located on 2,Hospital Street, C.P: 21450 Cartaya (Huelva)

Specific data:
Number of buildings [number]: 1
Completed: 2009
Total Floor area [m2]: 150  
Total number of users [number]: Capacity 30 people and 1 900 users/year 
Electricity demand [kWh/m2/y]: 5 

European Commission
ICT Policy Support Programme