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EPC – possibilities before Bulgarian local authorities and local SMEs
The main subject of this workshop was energy performance contacting (EPC) – the problems and opportunities for local authorities and local companies which operate in the field of construction, and energy services. The meeting involved a large number of representatives of local and regional authorities, as well as representatives of SMEs from Pazardzhik Province and the neighbouring provinces – Sofia and Plovdiv. Presentations of the project, together with the EPLACE Platform developed within the project were carried out by dipl.eng. Doychinov from REAP. He pointed out the possibilities which bring the EPLACE platform by using it into EPCs. The platform can be used by both contacting parties in order to monitor energy savings achieved as a result of EE measures implemented. Mr. Nikolay Vangelov from Erato (a partner in EPLACE project) presented the main activities of the company and its ESCO-projects implemented so far in other municipalities from Bulgaria. 
As according to the Bulgarian Energy Efficiency Act, every local authority must develop and follow a local sustainable energy plan. The participating representatives of municipalities agreed that they can use the outcomes of the EPLACE project at implementation phase of those Plans. The event finished with a discussion between representatives of local authorities, SMEs representatives, and experts on energy efficiency. 

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